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Nick Lincoln

Nick Lincoln is the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Watford
I was born in 1969 and have lived through various Governments, some bad, others worse! From Heath to Wilson; Callaghan to Thatcher; Major to Blair; Brown to Cameron. A litany of craven failures (with the very odd exception).
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Watford
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Watford (Click on picture to go to website.)
Binding them all, in one form or another, is the European Union (EU): Heath took us into the EU when I was but a child. Thatcher initially supported the EU before seeing too late the true nature of the beast; when she attempted to stand against it she was quickly, ruthlessly dispatched. Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron – for each of them their stance on the EU project is on the record and in the history books. Like many I initially gravitated to UKIP because of the party’s stance on the EU. I began this journey in or around 2010. Once I delved deeper into what else UKIP stood for, I found a party built on common sense and a desire for positive change, on the need to fight for a brighter tomorrow. In particular, I was drawn toward UKIP because:
  • Only UKIP guarantees we retain control of our borders and return to sensible levels of immigration.
  • Only UKIP guarantees we invest in our armed forces and offers a humane level of support to our veterans when they return from active service.
  • Only UKIP guarantees a fairer, flatter system of taxation that encourages hard work and ambition.
  • Only UKIP wants this country to embrace the “global village” that is waiting for us, rather than be tied to the economically (and democratically?) stagnating EU.
  • Only UKIP puts the indigenous British people first. Charity begins at home: we can save the rest of the world only when our own people are cared for.
  • Only UKIP stands for a British parliament passing British law onto British people. No more European Court of Human Rights, no more nonsensical support for those who live in our society yet preach to bring it down!
I live in Watford, I work in Radlett. I am a business owner, with all the pitfalls (and pleasures!) that come with being your own boss. I am not a career politician: I have never held elected office of any kind. Does this make me more or less suitable for Westminster?
That is your call.

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